vanja vukelic

Personification of the Earth as a Female Deity

I grew up in a small town Vares in the Balkan Peninsula surrounded by the revered mountains: the Star and the Stone People, the Gate, and Perun – the highest deity of Slavic Paganism and creator of light. Being raised on the spiritual reservoir of the Great Spirit and many Earth kin-beings I cultivated a sense of expanded inner seeing in the physical and the world of dreams. I’ve dwelled in the realm of image all my life, taught myself to draw, and decided to embody the dream archeologist within me and translate my inner excavations in hope of assisting the collective in the evolution of human experience and healing. Reoccurring mystical themes of transfiguration into plant-human hybrids and anthropomorphic flowers all tie into the message of my work: the interconnectedness of humans and the world. In painting, I work predominantly with pen and ink while symbolically stimulating the flowering of one’s own intuition and the worlds unseen, so that we may recover our soul and anchor in the light within our own forms.

All my love 

Partnership with Amazon Watch

5% of all monthly art sales will be donated to AMAZON WATCH in order to raise eco-consciousness and defend the rights of indigenous peoples and all life in the Amazon Basin.