Visual Meditations As a Vehicle of Ascension
The main concept and motivation behind my work is restoring the awareness and connection between Women and Earth. My message is that of love and magic because they are one and the same. It’s a message of honoring the spirit of all those who came before us ; plant, tree, animal and human beings and remembering that each one of us is a gift to all those breathing. Reoccurring themes delve into the alchemy and mysticism, while symbolically stimulating personal change through unearthing of the subconscious. Growing up in a small mountainous town Vares, in the Balkan Peninsula, I was immersed in the abundance of Earth, realizing my identity with nature since early days. Raised by the mountains, trees, stars and the streams I value these relationships as guides in life. I work predominantly in drawing with ink and watercolors as well as combining tracing and digital art.Most illustrations contain the silhouette of my own body which i use as a vehicle to convey the messages beyond the physical. I hope my work builds bridges, opens doors and redefines worlds. 

Photo Credit: Liat Aharoni