Recovery of lost soul via dreamwork is not a concept quickly absorbed into the heart of the world. As humanity burns with desires, addictions and incessant ambitions, we forget that the soul dwells within the realms of subtle depths and communicates through intuition. Not only our own but the intuition of the universal soul. The bison, the wolf, peacock and pigeon, flowers and trees, otters and bees whisper their wisdom to me. They express their devotion in order to evolve human emotion, and cultivate fertile systems inside the oceans of our subconscious prisms. While i sleep i recover memories concealed, feelings unfelt and learn that this person, this me, is a pathway, a bridge between the seen and unseen. And a bridge is what we all are. A structure founded on the pillars of love, built to span obstacles and distances, and offer passage to spirit without restriction and oppression of self expression. One of the ways to allow this to rest gently in your heart is to expand your love for and beyond the humankind. What if instead preoccupying minds in search of soulmates, we seek the soul in ALL. My mates of soul are often animals, plants, humans and rocks all in one. When we delve into deep mysteries within, through dreamwork, art, meditation or ceremony, we start feeling the pull of the strings that produce cosmic melodies. Lao Tzu said ” the character of your existence is determined by the energies to which you connect yourself ” and after reading that years ago i perceived his words as another extension of the soul. An invitation i extend to you now, to envision this bridge of compassion and join in with higher things in life. Love is freedom you can endlessly feel only when not imposing expectations on how it is supposed to be.