initiation into the light

You have the ability to pour divine energy onto everyone and everything. And even when life is difficult, or you feel pain or despair on your path, take a breath in and remind yourself that by doing the work of befriending your shadow, you automatically heal the world. Our wound- healing mechanism has yet to be explored, but remember, it’s a man-made debris in your karmic package of fears that can only be healed when you allow yourself to feel. And to feel it all ; the light and the dark, no picking and choosing what you ‘think’ feels right. You are called to make quicker decisions based on your emotional precision. It is us right now who will become the ancient civilizations of the past, so we are to act from our hearts, healing our wounds and dissolving patterns so that the children of the future won’t even know what they are. This epoch making time is significant, a beginning of new life, feeling birth pains as we initiate ourselves and next generations into the Rays of Golden Light. Together, we have ability to activate a new power of life here on Earth as unified field of energy operating in total balance, creating future generations that will thrive in instant manifestation by living in absolute presence because they won’t have to be dealing with no healing. People won’t be judged for their sex, gender, race or believes because those words won’t even exist and because right now we are mending the holes of our ancestral soul. And only one thing will matter for the heart’s sake, a question to ask ourselves, are we asleep or awake?