Spring of Creation

When i sat down to weave this first newsletter release, the words did not flow with ease. The complexity of thoughts, overflow of emotions, and the palpable intentions of the sacred vibrations, all tangled in a yarn of cosmic creation. And i’ve come to see that just like the Springtime Buds unfurl from the darkness towards the Sun, so could i unfurl cohesion by twisting and unraveling the fibres of emotion and reason.

And now when the cycles cross in a numinous manner, with the Full SuperMoon in my Sun sign, return of both the light and my sacred blood, i bow low enough and accept Spirit’s invitation to return to beginnings and dedicate my creative act to the ones who welcomed me Earthside.

This is the time to rise and take stock of what no longer supports the flow of boundless potential of our Soul. To take stock of all our blessings and riches and return them back to Earth as an offering of unconditional love to the deepest of Roots, because initiation towards a new path of manifestation requires tending the realms unexplored, and honoring the Ancestral worlds.

At this point in my life i feel ready to step in and reclaim the origins of my heart. After many months of feeling the discomforts of healing – i see yet again, how the magical process is highly effective when we observe our life from an embodied perspective. And everything makes sense, because the Art of course, is about seeing. It’s about grounding cosmic visions and activating a state of being by the alchemical transformation of feelings.

The truth, however, is that i have neglected to see how so much of my time i’ve allowed my body to carry the pressures of every day life. My womb, my spleen, both stagnant, calling me to reclaim the state of fluid balance and revitalize these vessels on every possible level. I have repressed my wisdom and my prowess for way to long only so i could satisfy the needs of others. And the more i sit in dialogue with my sacred sight, i realize that the mystical source which creates the art, directs me to draw bodies and heal my own stories.

Stories that are undeniably ingrained in the body of our Earth. And what is being done to Her gives me the burning imperative to heal and demand more space in hope of remodelling the unkind actions of our human race. But the revolution starts with us. It starts right now. It starts with setting free the tensions between modernization and tradition as we reconstitute archetypes and make our work a sacred act of healing bloodlines.

And this is how i return to beginnings now.

I Spring into creation by acknowledging the life force that is in stagnation. I embody the mystical healers, magicians, and clairvoyants of my Illyrian Roots, and actualize the magic that throbs and flames within the construct of my ancestral names. I now completely redesign the dynamics of my lifestyle and affirm that my highest truth is living in integrated synergy with our Mother Earth. I honor the needs and boundaries of my Body, Mind, and Spirit in every choice i make, I now commit to complete sovereignty over myself.

I return to beginnings as a way of being in service to all dimensions by charging myself with sensually blooming imagination. No longer trying to patch the holes and view my life as a problem to be solved. The death and the darkness have thought me to surrender like i’ve never had before, and i return to rebuild my foundation from the space of my deepest truth.

What happens to one, affects all throughout the Universe, and so i leave you with infinite blessings as you flutter with compassion towards new heights, and a question for your innermost heart,

How are you Springing into ancient beginnings as you welcome the return of light?