the source

You are never apart from the Source. The cosmic dust nested within your bones. I am often asked for advice, spiritual, art, or otherwise, but i don’t have answers for it all, i do what i feel, sense, and see inside myself and the world. I don’t have refined steps and tips, and point forms to share, but silence and nature are my welfare, and deep appreciation for early memories of my life which continue to sprout me in the here + now. Spending days barefoot and listening to the earth’s heartbeat via my feet. Bathing in streams and journaling my dreams beneath the pine trees. There was abundance of rosemary and lavender flaunting their splendor on every turn, and family of Lilacs enveloping our town with their divine fragrance dawn to dawn. And there is so so much more but this is all you’ll ever need to know. Your ancestors’ and your story spanning across lands and times, something to learn, remember and honor in this space of eternal care. You are never apart from the Source. Identification with nature is far more valuable than anything else. This way we are identifying with the reality behind the form rather than man -made creations, like status, religion, or superiority. You become aware that each one of us plays important role in supporting the cause of evolution by exploring and sharing of our gifts. You support and are supported. Effortlessly suspended in the vortex of the universe, the womb of mother serpent. And the mother always protects her young.She nurtures and guides, singing lullabies made of stars. Imagine that next time you may be feeling displaced and vitally sad. You are always within the womb of our mother….she listens to your voice, your thoughts, witnessing your growth every single moment in time and you have the power to direct your energy because with our mother we are never not breathing in and out of synergy